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EGT 2022 Energy, Environmental technology, Green transformation - technology and economy challenges - Digital Economy Lab University of Warsaw 2022

Brokerage event
24.10.2022 to 28.10.2022
tj.krawczyk [at]
Contact person: 
Tomasz Krawczyk

Welcome to the 1st International B2B EGT 2022 Energy, Environmental technology, Green transformation organized by the Digital Economy Lab University of Warsaw.

The energy, environmental technologies, green transformation will be the main pillars of modern economy. Energy transformation towards  renewable energy is economically inevitable, and socially and environmentally desirable. Nuclear energy also has an important role  in the energy transformation. There are also challenges related to energy generation using fossil fuels such as: coal, oil, and gas.
The environmental technologies and green transformation can support combining economic growth with caring about the environment in order to guarantee a high quality of life for present and future generations. Environmental engineering will play an important role in this transformation with use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems.

The goal of the brokerage event is to create a strong network of research and development institutions, business and industry partners, European and national institutions, Non-government organizations in close relation for  a massive scaling-up and speeding-up of energy solutions, environmental technologies, green transformation.

The event will support the workshops “Energy, Environmental technology, Green transformation – science and practice” which is proposed as a space for the presentation of university research results and business solutions. 

The brokerage event will explore recent achievements and challenges in the following areas:


Energy technologies: renewable energy technologies, nonrenewable energy technologies, nuclear power technologies.

Saving energy, diversifying supplies and supporting our international partners, accelerating the rollout of renewables, Reducing fossil fuel consumption in industry and transport, Investment in energy sector

II. Environmental technology

Green technologies: hydroelectricity, wind power, wind turbine, ocean thermal energy conversion, solar power, photovoltaic, wave energy, electric vehicle, heat pump, hydrogen fuel cell, green computing, energy conservation, doubly fed electric machine, energy saving modules, indoor air quality and environmental control and more.

III. Environmental engineering 

Mass and Energy transfer, environmental chemistry, growth models, risk assessment, water pollution, air pollution, global change, solid waste management and resource recovery.

IV. Green Transformation

Development of green technologies and the creation of legal regulations enforcing, for example, saving energy or reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as any other activities aimed at changing society’s attitude towards the acceptance of – frequently more expensive but more environment-friendly – technological solutions and legal norms. 

V. Green Economy 

Sustainable Consumption and Production and Resource Efficiency for Sustainable Development: Sustainable Consumption and Production aims to improve production processes and consumption practices to reduce resource consumption, waste generation and emissions across the full life cycle of processes and products.

Green Digital Sector: investing in the development and deployment of green digital solutions with significant energy and material efficiency that achieve a net positive impact in a wide range of sectors.

The event is free of charge and primarily targets companies and R&D institutions looking for technological, research and business co-operations.


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