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Construction company looking for partners to develop modular industrialized houses

Spanish building company is looking for partners able to develop modular industrialized houses under a joint-venture agreement. The houses should be easily transported, ecological, sustainable, human size and preferably made of wood. The construction technology should allow to use all types of new materials and systems in order to serve the market that is developing in the South of Europe and already functioning in the North.

A Spanish building company working in a bio passive wooden houses sector would like to find a partner dedicated to the development of modular industrialized houses willing to form a joint-venture company. The goal of the joint-venture would be to build high quality easily transportable ecological modular low cost houses in Southern Europe.
The company is already engaged with other companies and universities from the building sector. Due to their knowledge of present and future demand of passive and positive-energy houses, the company would like to find a partner able to develop modular houses and elements that could comply with the EU regulations on A energy qualifications.
In Spain and Portugal there is a good opportunity to grow up as a green and modular building company at this moment due to the new demand on habitability related with ecology, sustainability and human size housing. Concretely there is a growing demand related to the following areas:

  • Modular houses
  • Tiny houses
  • Co housing
  • Cross laminated timber
  • Glulam
  • Panelite
  • Solar Roof
  • Flat on the roof
  • Social Housing
  • Second homes
  • Residential for old people
  • Heath care residences
  • Hotel Boutique
  • Hotel associated to electro stations
  • Glampings


For more information please contact Enterprise Europe Network Latvia.

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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
info [at] een [dot] lv
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Sunday, 10 May, 2020