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Spanish software company is looking for a load-bearing structures manufacturer to assist in the improving and validating of a disruptive server of optimisation for anisogrid structures.

A Spanish software development company, specialised in developing tailored software, is looking for a manufacturing company specialised in the construction of load-bearing structures  as wind turbine towers, high voltage towers or telecommunication towers, to assist in the improvement and validation of the server, e.g. by providing real data for validation or feedback to improve performance.
The company would like to reach a technical cooperation agreement.

A Spanish software development company with extensive knowledge about new technologies, digital environment and tailored solutions for all types of clients, are involved in the development of a disruptive server, based on in a specific on-line solution for the automated sizing of anisogrid structures. It is specially intended for assisting both aerospace and earth engineers at early design stages to choose the optimal solution for their load bearing structures. 

Anisogrid structures are lattice structures of intersecting bars that usually form cylindrical or conical shells. Aerospace industry has already realized this and is including these structures in the last versions of their rocket designs, e.g. the European Vega, Proton, or Ariane. 

With this new server, anisogrid structures will provide important cost-savings in the bigger earth markets, concretely in most load-bearing structures that contain plates, panels, cones, or tubes, for example, the towers for electricity transport, wind power generation and telecommunications, the offshore lattice structures, and the tallest buildings. They would be more weight-efficient and improve performance if fabricated in anisogrid and optimized. 


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Perses Street 2, Riga, LV-1442, Latvia
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Sunday, 10 May, 2020