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Seeking fresh produce packaging technology with freshness indication

A Singapore startup in high-tech farming is seeking a technology provider or collaborator to provide a packaging technology solution with freshness indication and food traceability features for its food produce. It hopes to provide innovative packaging with these value-added features will lead to increased consumer satisfaction and reduced food wastage.

The startup seeks licensing or research cooperation with SMEs of all sizes or MNEs.

Harvested fresh produce is one of the most challenging food product categories to be packaged. During the post-harvest period, biochemical processes such as respiration and ethylene production continue to shorten the shelf life of the produce. Spoilage is further accelerated by pathogenic microorganisms, exposure to light as well as damaged cells due to shock and vibration that lead to increased respiration and browning reactions to begin.

With changing consumer needs and behaviours of seeking healthier, fresher and sustainable produce, the role of packaging has evolved from simply containing and protecting fresh produce from physical damages during transportation and distribution to extending its shelf life. Innovations such as a freshness indication in fresh produce packaging will therefore contribute to increased consumer satisfaction and help to reduce food wastage.

Food traceability is also one of the biggest demands in today's consumer world. Customers would like to know where the food has come from and whether it is fresh enough to consume. If these two concerns are addressed with novel technology tools, tremendous value will be added for consumers.

The Singapore startup is seeking a technology provider or collaborator that could be an SME of any size or MNE to meet these demands with suitable packaging technologies for food traceability and indication of freshness.

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Sunday, 10 May, 2020