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A young German design start-up has just launched its first collection with special woman fashion for breastfeeding. The special design of the clothing allows mothers to easy nurse their baby in a comfortable and discreet way in public.

In 2018 a young German design start-up has developed a specific design for breastfeeding tops. The patented design of the clothes enables mothers an easy and comfortable breastfeeding of the baby, while keeping privacy in public places. The designer has started its own label for this special woman fashion in 2019 and launched the first collection. This collection for nursing mums consists of high quality cotton shirts, dresses, blouses and pullovers. The clothing is fashionable, colourful and wearable after the breastfeeding phase. The designer has an own store in Kiel and runs an online-shop. The range shall be extended with further innovative services and products, which help to make nursing mums all day life easier.

For the next collection the designer is looking for further manufacturing partners. The partner shall be able to offer cutting and sewing of small series of clothing under private label.  The sewing pattern will be provided by the designer. The fabric of clothes is organic cotton of high quality. Currently the designer supplies the fabric for the production. But the designer would prefer that the future manufacturing partner procures the material so that the whole production process (supply of fabric, cutting, sewing and private labelling) will be in one hand. As for further collections decorative embroidery elements on the clothing are planned, the manufacturing partner should be able to do embroidery as well.  
Further the partner shall offer to produce small batches, as the first production will be around 100 to 150 pieces per garment in different sizes (S, M and L). Quality is essential for this fashion label, so the new partner should keep high quality standards in the production and is willing to produce samples. The manufacturer should offer quality control for each piece of the clothes and make efforts to perfect the production. The packed products should be delivered to designer shop after approving the sample within 2-3 weeks.

The designer is looking for new manufacturing partners in Spain, Portugal and Poland. The new partner should be able to communicate in English, German or Spanish.
The designer is willing to achieve a long-term manufacturing partnership after a trial period and wants to invest in a good relation with the right manufacturing partner.


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