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The Ukrainian company is interested in expanding the range of refreshing drinks from apple juice. Now the company is actively produced the directly pressed apple juice.

The company is located in the Ukrainian Carpathian, near the Romanian and Hungarian borders. The company was founded in 2017. It owns large areas of apple orchards. The old, local varieties are at least partially very valuable and well adapted to the local conditions, climate and soil. This is why the company started producing directly pressed apple juice several years ago. In order to increase the added value and expand the product range, they came up with the idea of also producing cider.
Like most high-quality food, good cider cannot be produced on an industrial scale. However, the production of cider requires, at least in part, specific bitter and sweet-bitter apple varieties. Therefore, the company decided to plant our own orchard and try the matching varieties from England and France here. Now they expect the first harvest. By then they want to bring their knowledge and infrastructure up to the necessary level.
The company wishes to buy a license for the cider production with which it could extend the range, of, proposed to a customer, products. For this purpose, the company wishes to establish a license agreement with the cider-producing companies.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Friday, 19 November, 2021