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15.2 Manufacture of footwear

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A German young entrepreneur is looking for professional shoemakers who stitch shoes in a traditional, handmade way. For the co-operation a manufacturing agreement is considered.

A German young entrepreneur is searching for shoemakers who are able to stitch (sew) shoes by hand. The searched-for partner should be skilled in producing classical models of leather shoes (calf and/or suede). The searched-for shoemaker should also be able to produce these shoes with leather and/or rubber soles.

Shoes, stitched by hand, has been a business branch of the young entrepreneur's grandfather and father. He now wants to establish his own business. Hand-stitched shoes are an exlusive custom-fit product. The young entrepreneur reckons the market for such products to be present and a certain turn of sales to be reached. 

At the moment, a number of shoes cannot be determined. It will depend on customers' orders, the potential shoemaker's abilities and skills, as well as on marketing the ideas of hand-stitched shoes.

Basically, the young entrepreneur is open for co-operating with shoemakers in European countries. As his grandfather and father had good experience with shoemakers in Portugal and the United Kingdom, the young entrepreneurs is interested in co-operating with shoemakers from these countries. Due to the proximity to Poland, the young entrepreneur would be interested in getting into contact with shoemakers there, as well.

Regarding the co-operation a manufacturing agreement is taken into account.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Thursday, 1 September, 2022
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